The Challenge

A seller, ready to retire, faced the dilemma of selling his retail property, which housed a used car sales lot and a pet daycare. The property was in a state of disrepair, necessitating significant remodeling to attract buyers. Despite these conditions, the seller aimed to achieve a sales price well above the market's going rate, adding another layer of complexity to the transaction.

Our Strategy & Approach

Recognizing the challenge of presenting a dilapidated property in the best light, we leveraged our marketing expertise and technology to create a compelling and interactive video tour. Utilizing drone footage and animation, we showcased the property’s prime location, high traffic count, and visibility, emphasizing the developments in the area as well as the potential for future business opportunities.

To ensure that potential buyers had all the necessary information at their fingertips, we created an extensive offering memorandum. This detailed document highlighted key features of the property and its potential, facilitating informed decision-making by interested parties.

Our marketing strategy was broad and relentless. In addition to the digital marketing efforts, we installed a large banner directly on the property to maximize visibility. Through these consistent and extensive efforts, we attracted a significant number of potential buyers, increasing the property’s exposure.

In the negotiation phase, we worked closely with a cooperating agent whose client envisioned redeveloping the property into a neighborhood preschool. To align the interests of both parties, we facilitated discussions that led to a unique leaseback agreement. This allowed the seller to continue operating his businesses for three years, providing the buyer with rental income during the architectural planning and permit acquisition phase.

Setting a New Benchmark in Real Estate Innovation

Our multifaceted strategy not only met but exceeded the seller's expectations, achieving a higher-than-market sale price for a property in need of significant renovation. The creative leaseback arrangement provided the seller with a satisfactory timeline for winding down his businesses, while offering the buyer a financially viable path forward as they worked on redeveloping the property. This case study illustrates the power of strategic marketing, innovative presentation, and creative negotiation in transforming a challenging sale into a successful real estate transaction, paving the way for the property’s revitalization and new life as a preschool.