The Challenge

Faced with an urgent dilemma, our client needed to relocate his business due to his landlord's decision to evict all tenants and sell the building. With only two months to act, the client initially sought HAYLEN’s help to find a new space to lease, under the impression that leasing was his only viable option.

Our Strategy & Approach

The first step in our strategy involved a thorough analysis of our client's business income and future plans. This crucial phase was aimed at understanding his operational needs and financial capabilities, which would inform our recommendations.

Given our client's situation, we conducted a detailed lease versus buy analysis. This analysis demonstrated the long-term benefits and potential cost savings of owning a commercial property versus leasing. It was a pivotal moment that opened our client's eyes to the feasibility and advantages of property ownership.

After deciding that purchasing was the best route, our search focused on identifying a property that not only suited our client's business needs but also offered potential for rental income. We found a building with an existing business looking to downsize, which presented a unique opportunity.

Our negotiation strategy was tailored to create a win-win scenario. We successfully negotiated the sale to allow the seller to lease back half of the space for two years. This arrangement provided our client with immediate rental income, easing the transition into property ownership.

Setting a New Benchmark in Real Estate Innovation

Our strategic approach led to an outcome exceeding our client’s initial expectations. Not only did he transition from a lessee to a property owner under pressing circumstances, but he also benefited from immediate rental income thanks to the leaseback agreement. Further, we facilitated the process of finding an additional tenant, optimizing the property's income potential with a higher rental rate. This case study exemplifies our client's successful pivot from leasing to owning, underlining the power of strategic planning, analysis, and negotiation in commercial real estate ventures.