Forbes Blog – How’s the Housing Market Amid Coronavirus

Helen Chong

I speak with homeowners, investors, buyers, and others within the real estate community every day, and I am asked this question often: How’s the housing market?

We are all in unchartered territory at the moment. The Coronavirus has stopped much of the world from operating. During my weekly real estate town hall webinar, most professionals are at a loss for words on how to advise their clients. In this article, I will be sharing with you my views as a real estate consultant, investor, and homeowner.

Today, many people feel fear as they have lost most of their income and become increasingly unsure about their future due to the Shelter-In-Place order. This feeling is similar to the Great Mortgage Crisis in 2008 which caused the Global Recession. Although the recession officially ended by the second quarter of 2009, the painful recovery did not truly begin until 2012. However, in every crisis there is opportunity, and many investors made lots of money during this time while others regretted their inaction and missed opportunities. …Read More

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