HAYLEN’s Coronavirus Open House and Showings Protocols

During the time of COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for all of the home sellers and buyers to be extra cautious when visiting homes. HAYLEN Group takes the safety of our clients homes and their families very seriously.

We would like to share some of our precautionary actions we will be taking:

1. We will ask all of the visitors to use hand sanitizer before walking into a home.

2. We will spray Lysol or disinfectant on their socks or shoes when they enter into the house if shoe covers are not available.

3. We will provide shoe covers and disposable gloves for our clients during showings if they don’t have them available themselves.

4. We will ask visitors who have fever, coughs or runny nose symptoms to refrain from coming into the home.

5. We refrain from shaking hands and will maintain a min of 3 feet distance from each other.

6. We can conduct virtual showings for our clients if needed.

7. We will limit number of visitors inside a house at a time.

8. We will ask our clients and visitors to refrain from touching items at the property too frequently. Please allow us to help you.

9 We will wipe down door knobs with Clorox wipes

10. Other than that, we will practice high personal hygiene at all times including frequent hand washing and wiping down our frequently touched items; cell phone, car door handle, steering wheels…etc.

We appreciate all of our clients continued support and understanding. We will extrude our best efforts as a responsible citizen to bring health and safety back to our world! #OpenHouseProtocol #showingsProtocol #covid19 #coronavirus #bevigilent

#beResponsible #RealEstateAgents

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