Home Improvement Tips – Declutter From Your Kitchen For Good

Mugs and plastic souvenir cups you never use

You know there are only a few mugs from which you really care to drink your coffee, yet your cupboards are probably filled with randoms desperately fighting for shelf space. Take a picture of them, if you love it, keep it, but it no, toss it NOW! You’re just wasting prime cabinet real estate.

Restaurant condiments

Are you really going to use those packets of ketchup or soy sauce?  The truth is you won’t remember you even have them when your real ketchup bottle runs out.  You will be disgusted when they turn up, covered with grime and dust after being overlooked for years.  Face it, if you will never use them, toss them NOW and never grab more than what you need.

Lidless storage containers

If you cannot find the lid, then there is no purpose.  Match up your containers with lids and toss the ones that their lids have probably been sucked to the “Black Hole”.  The missing lids are probably having fun with your missing socks.

Useless kitchen gadgets

If you have a banana slicer, a butter cutter, a strawberry huller, then you are watching too much As Seen On TV. When you have too many baking pans, you should start thinking when do I get the time to bake? Maybe it’s okay to keep one or two, but anything more than that is not necessary.

Author: Susanna Leung

Susanna Leung’s goal as a real estate professional with Haylen Group is to help her first-time home buying clients find that perfect home where their families can grow, thrive, and live their dreams in the United States. She applies her experience in remodeling, resource networking, negotiations, and advanced marketing to provide her clients with dedicated, full coverage service.

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