Location! Location! Location!

You can build the perfect home – the perfect floor plan, the perfect property, the perfect everything – but if it is in an undesirable location, it will be worth far less than the exact same home built in a desirable location.  So what makes a desirable location? Here are some of the factors to consider:

Walkability – In many cities, the hottest-selling houses are within walking distance of restaurants, movie theaters, art galleries, and shops.  Proximity to parks, bike trails, and other outdoor amenities also are in demand.  Proximity to public transportation is also a positive factor.

Top-Rated School Districts – Parents will often pay more for a home that is located in a highly rated school district.

Stable Neighborhood – Buyers do their homework and are looking for a neighborhood without a lot of rentals and with long-term owners.

Sense of Neighborhood – Homeowners search for a certain feel to a community.  Some buyers want to be near the hub of things and others want to be in a quiet neighborhood.  While they may disagree on what constitutes “home,” they will agree that they are looking for low crime statistics and low noise.  If you can hear trucks starting up or planes taking off from your home, or if neon lights are flashing through your windows, your home will be a hard sell.

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