Johnny Khamis - Meet & Greet

HAYLEN Group is excited to host a Meet & Greet webinar with Johnny Khamis, who is running for Santa Clara County Supervisor for District 1.

From the bombs in Beirut to success in San Jose, Johnny Khamis and his family have lived "the American Dream. His parents fled their home in Beirut, Lebanon, when war broke out.

Granted political asylum in the US, the Khamis family arrived in San Jose in 1976 with very little cash and a fierce determination to use the opportunity given to them to build new lives. From growing up in San Jose in a struggling, immigrant family, attending public schools, and living in low-income housing to starting his own company, Western Benefit Solutions, Johnny’s experiences laid the foundation for his views of how government should serve its people.

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14 sept 2022 05:30 p.m (PT)

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