Don’t Just Let Water Damage Dry

Don’t Just Let Water Damage Dry

Many people think as long as the water damage is not located in the interior or by where we sleep and eat, then it will be fine as it dries. This is a big mistake!!!


One of the severe issues that can occur is the weakening of your home’s structure. When the wood has absorbed water, it can rot and possibly collapse. Water damage can also ruin your electrical, corrode the plumbing and destroy your walls and ceilings as mold or fungus grow. One commonly seen result is floor warping.  
Mold will die once it’s dried out? The truth is once it’s dry, mold will become quiet for a while until it is again exposed to a new moisture source or humidity. It will reactivate and grow and eventually become airborne as it grows.  Many times, yes, water damage will dry on its own within a few weeks, but you should address where the leak source is and check if any materials have been softened or weakened since it was wet at once. 
Water stain means the possibility of water leakage. Even if you have fixed the leakage source, you will still want to remove the water stain or damage, so there are no questions asked when selling. Remember painting over the stain cannot cure the leak, repairing, re-caulking, grouting, replacing, and clearing any mold growth possibility should be the right way of taking care of water damage for good.
Water Detection Device. One smart device everyone should consider installing is a water detection device. This way you can monitor the moisture level in your home before it turns into a severe water damage situation, and if you are away on vacation, you can at least tell someone to go into your house to stop the leak before further damage.

 Author: Susanna Leung

Susanna Leung’s goal as a real estate professional with Haylen Group is to help her first-time home buying clients find that perfect home where their families can grow, thrive, and live their dreams in the United States. She applies her experience in remodeling, resource networking, negotiations, and advanced marketing to provide her clients with dedicated, full coverage service.

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