How Can I Clean Up Water Damage And What NOT To Do?

How Can I Clean Up Water Damage And What NOT To Do?
With the recent rain, do you notice any new water stains around your house or even in the garage? The first 24 hours are the most crucial, here are a few tips on how to handle and what NOT to do. 
  1. Try to evaluate how bad is the damage, if you can stop the source of leakage with anything temporarily, apply it for now, so the water damage can be contained. DON'T leave it until the plumber or roofer comes to stop it for you.  You should try your best to stop the leak source as soon as possible.
  2. How much water and how quickly is it damaging the area?  Is it vinyl flooring, wood beams, or even anything, anywhere that is soft and can easily absorb water?  The cost of water damage to your home even if it involves your insurance policy. DON'T just cover it up with towels.  Instead, you should air it with a fan or even a blow dryer if you have to, to avoid the spread.
  3. How much water is considered water damage?  The answer is you DON'T need a whole lot of water to cause damage. Laminate flooring, for example, small puddling of water can cause buckling planks and other repair issues. As for mold, it starts growing within 24 hours after moisture with minimal water damage.
  4. What are the common problems that cause water leakage and damage?  Flooding or ponding water towards the house, leaks of any kind, sewage backup, clogged gutter, and faulty appliances. DON’T look down on any small appliances, small leaks can also lead to water damage in the long term.
Hiring the right person to do the right thing is the most important to stop water damage, if you need a vendor, contact us for a list of reliable resources.  Remember, we are here to help!

Author: Susanna Leung

Susanna Leung’s goal as a real estate professional with Haylen Group is to help her first-time home buying clients find that perfect home where their families can grow, thrive, and live their dreams in the United States. She applies her experience in remodeling, resource networking, negotiations, and advanced marketing to provide her clients with dedicated, full coverage service.

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