Is My House Up to Code?

Is My House Up to Code?
Building codes change over time and for people who have owned their homes for a long time, they may not know if their home is out of code.  If so, does it matter? Here are a few things EVERYONE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO!
  • One should always avoid code violations either in an existing house or a potential home.  
  • Make sure you check any permits on all work done.  
  • All hazardous materials should be removed by professionals to avoid health issues from contamination. 
  • Poor bathroom ventilation is a big code violation as humility can lead to rot and mold.
  • Shoddy electrical work is also common in older homes, any discontinue electrical panel brand should be replaced as soon as possible
Other questions would be:
1. Building codes can be focused on issues that can affect the safety of the dwelling and its occupants in priority
2.  Does the home have fire escapes and exits? Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are the basic safety items that should always be at a home.
3. Are plumbing line intact and functional?  Are they galvanized or copper? 
4. Are construction materials in good condition, free from asbestos and lead?  
5. is the HVAC system working efficiently?  Any broken and insulated ducts?
Here is an article for your reference:

 Author: Susanna Leung

Susanna Leung’s goal as a real estate professional with Haylen Group is to help her first-time home buying clients find that perfect home where their families can grow, thrive, and live their dreams in the United States. She applies her experience in remodeling, resource networking, negotiations, and advanced marketing to provide her clients with dedicated, full coverage service.

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